Tuesday, July 20, 2010

High Fashion Hijinks: Runway Rundown Spring 2011, Part Deux

More delightful looks from the various shit-shows!

Romain Kremer:

That old ho Burt better watch the fuck out, because there's a new bee-keeping bitch in town, and he's showing everyone how it's done.  Keeping bees doesn't mean wearing some old hat your grandpa wears fishing and a filthy beard crusted with honey, you need to seduce the bees with a sensuous shimmering folds of your veil and a sexy diva hat.

Comme des Garcons:

You know what? I don't even care that he's wearing a dress.  What I care about are the fucking SKULLS.  Skulls are the absolute worst.  It's not like they used to be cool, and now they're not, or like they look good on some garments, but not this one.    No, skulls have never looked good and they have never been cool.  Still it's impressive that apparently an angst-filled suburban 13-year-old was allowed to design a collection! (I'm only talking about a fashion context here. If you're painting a still life and you want to throw in some memento mori shit, go ahead.) 

Yohji Yamamoto:

Okay the only thing I have to say is that we need to start hanging out with these fashion people, because I'm pretty sure they have ALL THE DRUGS.  Although you have to admit, there is something strangely impressive about him.  Like I don't want to mess with him.  He looks like he could be some sort of devious villain with a Marie Antoinette fixation who plays the harpsichord, poisons people with macarons, and has a team of specially-trained monkeys to groom his beard.

Still more horrors yet to come, bitches!


  1. This made me laugh at work/// where are you going to college??

  2. i'll be drinking myself to death at st andrews next year (woo hoo!)