Monday, July 19, 2010

High Fashion Hijinks: Runway Rundown Spring 2011, Part Un

Fashion week for spring 2011 menswear collections wrapped up recently so let's take a look at what went down the runways in Paris and Milan! This stuff is important, you guys! You kids today just don't care enough about current events and the issues that affect our world, like the changing width of men's suit lapels.

Quick sidenote: doesn't this seem ridiculously early to be thinking about spring of 2011? Honestly, guys, I hadn't finished processing that spring 2010 had even happened.  Like, one minute it was freezing cold winter and you're doing all this cough syrup and then one day you wake up surrounded by old Chinese take-out containers and empty bottles of rum and it's freaking April...

Anyway, first up, Jean-Paul Gaultier:

A caftan? Are you seriously trying to sell me a motherfucking CAFTAN? Let's be clear here: the fashion choices of stylish young men and wacky hippie aunts should NEVER intersect, okay?

Carmel colored pants are an outrage .  Leather pants are an abomination.  Harem pants are an atrocity.  So I don't even have words to describe the immensity of the crime when you put them all together, and throw in a matching jacket and tote.  Let's just all give up now.  The terrorists have won.

Thom Browne:

Is it weird that I'm down with this (minus the knee socks and yellow lipstick, of course)? I'm a sucker for that prep-tastic vaguely aristocratic country look.  Obviously it's not the look for the average dude.  But it would be perfect for my gay bestie/main 'mo (position currently filled by Oscar Wilde) to wear when we go to a garden party, where we could share vicious gossip over croquet and cucumber sandwiches.


These guys just didn't realize they were supposed to be designing a line of menswear, not uniforms for the Crack Olympics.  Nice meggings though!

More insanity to follow shortly.

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  1. Such a genius. Everything you write is fantastic and highly entertaining. This only support that point. You never let the reader down. Every post brings something better!