Monday, February 14, 2011

Menswear Fall 2011 Runway Rundown: The Madness

Men's Fashion Week just wrapped up you guys! I didn't even realize it was going on because I was in a state of drunken oblivion! Worst style blogger ever? Pretty much.  Anyway it turns out that the fall collections are (sadly) less batshit insane than the spring collection (drugs shortage?) but don't worry there's still enough crazy to go around:

                                                    John Galliano
I think we're all hoping our Valentine's Days will look like this.  Nothing says romance like a dozen red roses...and an enormous animal carcass on your head.

What if Andy Warhol had spent less time silk screening Campell's soup cans and more time silk screening sweatshirts with dog faces...that would have been way better, right? No? Are you sure?

Jean Paul Gaultier 
 Because what's sexier than flashing some man leg? Answer: Everything. 

                                                   Thom Brown
I would legitimately LOVE to see someone wear this.   It looks like what Willy Wonka would wear to go hunting and it is awesome.  What really makes it, in my opinion, is the cane.  I think it's time to bring back canes as a fashion accessory - they've been monopolized by the old and the blind for TOO LONG! What's great about canes is how many uses they have - you can lean on them for support, twirl them, beat people with them, etc.  Like imagine how much easier it would be to maneuver through a crowd when you have a cane.  Nothing says "get out of my way, bitches" like a few swift blows from a cane. 

Seriously? Like, not to be a bitch (kidding.  I am always trying to be a bitch) but is EVERYONE allowed to be a model now? Or did one of their models die last minute and they saw this guy on a bench outside feeding pigeons and were like "Hey old man, can you do us a favor?"
P.S. OMG  I just invented the greatest (questionable claim)  new words! GUYLE/GUYLISH.  Like as in GUY + STYLE (GET IT?). Yes? No? What? You're wincing in pain as I destroy the English language?

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