Friday, December 31, 2010

Let's Make 2011 the Year We Banish Ugliness

It's New Year's Day, you've just hauled yourself out of bed with a splitting headache after a night of wild debauchery (or in my world, drinking sparkling cider in a champagne glass with your teddybear and cat) and you're starting to make your New Year's ressies.  Well this year, instead of promising to become a better person/eat more healthily/stop being a drunk/learn to read, why not make a resolution that actually counts and make this the year that you improve the way you dress and get your shit together, style wise?  You can brighten the lives of everyone around you by pledging to abide by some essential man-style laws!
Take official Ugliness Is A Crime New Year's Resolution Pledge!
In the coming year I firmly resolve
1. Not to wear mandals (especially with SOCKS)
2. Not to grow any kind of gross facial hair
3. Not to wear tank tops/wife beaters/ etc. and not to display any man cleavage.
4.  Not to wear hats that make me look like a tool.
5. Not to wear whatever I find on the floor in the morning.
6. To do my best not to hurt people's eyes.

 And don't think that if you're a girl there's nothing you can do to help.  You can pledge not to date guys with stupid beards or to withhold sexual favors if your boyfriend tries to wear mandals.  Or just call random people out when they're wearing stupid shit. 
Together, we can all make 2011 a great year for man style.

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