Monday, August 29, 2011

Our First Style Icon

So I haven't updated this in a while because it turns out I prefer having a life sitting around all day watching soap operas in my pajamas.  But whatever, it's not like this is my job and not even my cat is reading this anymore...because he's dead (BUT ACTUALLY. Rest in peace, Picky Picky.).
ANYWAY I was thinking about how difficult it can be for for man people to navigate the treacherous waters of guyle.  So I am introducing a new feature called style icon!
So who's our first style icon? Well, to start, he totally encapsulates the Ugliness is a Crime aesthetic : he's suave, debonair, and he always keeps it kla$$y.

Now you might be thinking, how can he be a style icon when he's not even wearing clothes? Well, first of all, don't fucking question me, and second of all, I have to point to his masterly use of accessories.  His hat, cane, monocle, gloves and spats all complement each other perfectly.  But mostly it's about his VIBE, you know? Masculine yet elegant, he gives off an air of effortless, man-of-the-world sophistication that all readers should try to emulate.

Also don't think that this means you should actually dress up AS Mr. Peanut because that's clearly just not a good look.  Think of him more as an inspiration.

                                                 "Can I buy you a drink?"                            

Dude even knows how to throw an awesome party:

Also check out his New Yorker article about his struggle to come out of the closet.

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