Monday, December 20, 2010

Man Fashion Crime of the Month: Seriously, W magazine?

Really?  You really thought this was in any way a good idea? 

Good God, this is as ugly as homemade sin.  This gentleman is apparently named Garrett Hedlund (his name sounds like a viking who models for Abercrombie in between pillagings) and as the headline informs me, he's "the new heartthrob (and he can act)" (But can he think? Because he kind of looks lobotomized.).   I'm honestly trying to figure out the thought process here.  "Okay, guys, we need to come up with an outfit that says "heartthrob."  OMG I got it! Animal print lady pants!"    I mean, come on, those are the pants an ageing prostitute would wear with red patent leather heels and too much lipliner when she wants to look like a "serious businesswoman" for a court appearance or something.  And then to top it all off they paired it with a grubby v-neck that looks like it came from a Hanes 3-pack. Also, if you have to do the animal print thing, at least have him make a snarly face and do hand claws.  Missed opportunity!

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