Monday, October 11, 2010

Keeping Warm While Looking Cool (The original title was "Fall" into Something Stylish, so just be grateful)

It's that time of year again: A sharp wind chills you to the bone when you step outside, you can see your breath in the air, you can't get out of bed to face the cold without a warming sip of gin first (wait, that happens all year round), etc. Basically it's about to get PRETTY FUCKING COLD, you know?
Anyway,  let's take a look at some autumn/winter outerwear options.  There's no need to sacrifice style for the sake of comfort .
 1. Blazers. I like them.  Duh.  Sharp, a little preppy, a little edgy, blah blah blah, just trust me here.  Adding a skinny tie on occasion would not go amiss.  You don't have to look like such a goddamn SLOB all the time.

                                                           BDG Shrunken Blazer.  A mere $68.

2. Military is one of the big trends this fall.

I am not really on board with this.  Mostly because "military" makes me think of old dudes with moustaches and possibly British accents.  What I'm trying to say is that it makes me think of guys like Colonel Mustard here, who I think we can agree isn't exactly the coolest:

Okay, yes, I did spend a lot of time in my childhood playing Clue with my imaginary (/only) friends. Yes, we did get into a lot of arguments about who got to be Miss Scarlet. 

3.  There is something rather disturbing about a man in a large/long coat:

The extra volume kind of makes it seem like he's wearing a dress.  Big coats also can give off serial killer vibes (although in this case his awful hair isn't helping.  What is it with Urban Outfitters models?  They look like unhinged lumberjacks who use their axes for chopping up trees and people.)

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