Monday, September 6, 2010

High Fashion Hijinks: Spring 2011 Runway Rundown, Part Trois

You don't even need me, really.  The pictures kind of speak for themselves.

Alexis Mabille:

This looks like what would happen if one of the lost boys was like "fuck this shit" once Wendy showed up and ruined everything so he bounced to go join a crazy pagan cult where they sacrifice goats and dance around fires and stuff.  I still would though.

 Ann Demeulemeester:

"So I'm seeing this new guy and he's pretty crazy." "Well, you've always had a thing for the wild ones." "No, like he's in an insane asylum." "WTF?" "Yeah, last week he let me help him put on his straightjacket! It was super romantic!" "Are you serious?" "Yeah you should totally meet his roommate! He's got multiple personalities and you'd totally hit it off with one of them!"

 Vivienne Westwood:

He looks like hobo court jester named Jacques on a far-away planet 2000 years from now that they made by sticking together a bunch of random bits they found in a dumpster.  But see the thing is, guys, that some things should stay in the trash.   Also I'm pretty sure I gave one of my dolls a haircut like that when I was 3 (Master barber skills right here!).

Henrik Vibskov:

 I'm not really sure where to go with this.  Should I make brokeback jokes about his horrifying cowboy pants? Is he wearing goggles? What it that neck-brace thing around his head? Is it indicative of the brain damage of whoever designed this? And most importantly, why does any of this exist?  I give up. 

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