Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It makes me sad when I know exactly what items comprise your wardrobe. Not because I’m an obsessive stalker (wait, that’s a lie), but because you insist on wearing the same fucking garments several times a week. It makes me sad when your pants are too short and I have to look at your mankles. It makes me sad when you have an okay outfit, and then you ruin it by wearing shoes that can only be described as fucking retarded.

I realized I could no longer be a bystander to these crimes against man-style. Isn’t there a thing about how not trying to stop evil is basically giving it your approval? I decided that it was time to take a stand. I’ve seen too many tragedies out there, too many socks-and-sandals pairings.

Over the next few posts, we will be unveiling the Ten ComMANdments, the basic rules of man-style. There is a special circle of Hell for the sinners who break the ComMANdments, where they are forced to spend eternity in head-to-toe Ed Hardy. I think Dante mentions it in Book 3 of the Inferno.

P.S. You might be wondering, why have a blog about men’s fashion? Girls are the ones who care about clothes. Yeah, but if I had a girl fashion blog, I would be helping other girls look good. Screw that. The worse other girls look, the better I look by comparison.

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  1. Dear Margot. My psuedo-friend Audrey S.recommended that I take a look at this blog. I love it. Thank you.