Saturday, April 24, 2010

1st ComMANdment: Thou Shalt Not Wear Mandals

Mandals. The word is basically synonymous with “dealbreaker.” Seriously, what this really comes down to is that man-feet are flat-out gross. No one wants to be forced to look at them. So just COVER THAT SHIT UP, OKAY?

Unfortunately, a lot of guys seem to be under the impression that mandals are a perfectly acceptable style choice. Event the world of high fashion sometimes falls prey to this delusion:

(Givenchy Menswear Fall 2010)
DO YOU SEE HOW BAD THIS LOOKS? (This is especially awful because these mandals look like the orthopedic shoes your aunt wears to help with her bad back.)
Now, I know that some guys argue that it’s impossible not to wear mandals in the summer, especially if it’s hot and you’re wearing shorts. I say, why not substitute boat shoes instead? They look great with shorts and they’re adorably preppy (very “I summer at Cape Cod, this is my sailboat, would you like a cocktail”…wait, where was I?).

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