Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Style, Part Un

Who doesn't love summer? The parties, the sweet summer flings, those warm, hazy, drunken summer nights, or, if you're me, going to the library and checking out a ton of books because you made an awesome summer reading list.  I know, I live life in the fast lane.  Try to keep up, bitches. 

However, man-style can be particularly tricky in the summertime.  There are vicious snares and traps lurking around every corner.  In the heat, it's so tempting to slip on a pair of mandals, or to ease into some vile cargo shorts.  Your body may be comfortable, but is your conscience?  That's why you have to remain vigilant.

Let's start at the top and work our way down (what she said?).


Go with the classic Ray-Ban style Wayfarers in black.  They are almost universally flattering.   Don't do aviators.  Aviators are for greasy try-hards who think they look like rock stars.

If you ever need to get a little dressy, something like this striped skinny tie should do the trick nicely:

Very clean and crisp, while the color gives it a deliciously candy-like appeal.

With shirts, it's not so much what you do wear as what you don't wear.  The bottom line is, no matter how hot it is, don't go shorter than a short-sleeve.  No wife-beaters, no tanktops, none of it.   Gross.

V-neck t-shirts are always a good basic choice.  High V's only though, please.  Deep V-necks are not a road any man should venture down:

I don't want a look at your man-cleavage (meavage?).  Put it away! (also what she said? we are all about sophisticated wit at this blog, obviously.)

Checks and plaids are continue to be the hot patterns of the season.  For those of you who insist on wearing shorts, a plaid or check button-down makes good pairing.  They're casual, but they have enough tailoring to keep you from looking like a total slob.

 Part two is coming soon.  Exciting shoe and pants secrets will be revealed.

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